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Concussion and mTBI Management

Our Approach

Concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI's) can cause lingering, interconnected bodily dysfunction. We take an integrative approach to addressing the root causes of your unique post concussion symptoms.


We specialize in personal post-mTBI (concussion) care, using an integrative approach to help you recover quicker and more completely. We also offer educational opportunities in the community for groups that deal with mTBI. 

What We Do

Amanda Fees.jpg

Amanda Fees

Enterprise Account Manager

"I don’t know where I’d be without your help!! ... This has significantly improved my quality of life."

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Anne Forrest, PhD

mTBI Advocate

"I talk about how important your advocacy has been: in our community, nationally, and for me as a leader."

Annie Harwig.jpg

Annie Harwig

Elementary School Teacher

"[I] just wanted to say looking back on the past year I'm so thankful for when you reached out to me and helped me with [my] concussion."

Kaitlyn Behnke has suffered a number of sports-related concussions, managing her own Post Concussion Syndrome for years. She has learned firsthand how intricate and layered concussion care must be in order to recover. Let Kaitlyn's expertise help you recover, too.

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