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Athletic teams and other groups need to know about mTBI. Let us inform your group today.

Concussion Recovery

Feeling stuck after an mTBI? Let us help you recover.

Individual Education

Sometimes you need answers about specific symptoms and therapies. Let us provide them now.


Concussion Recovery


Free Consultation

Learn about how The Concussion Network can help you today.





New Client Session

Help us learn the details of your post concussion journey until now.

Take home a symptom log, symptom relief tips, and a renewed readiness to recover.

Gameplan Session

Receive and understand your new personalized mTBI Recovery Gameplan.

Take home educational material about your personal injury, action items to recovery, and much more. 

Check - In Sessions

Reconnect for guidance and resources through your recovery process.

Replan Session

Look deeper into your continued recovery, refocusing on current issues (if needed)


Individual Education

Have a question about a particular symptom or therapy option, but don't need help assessing your entire recovery plan? Let us know what you might be looking into or struggling with, and we're here to help.



Coaches, teachers, athletes and other groups need to be aware of how to handle mTBI in their setting. We will provide your organization with the knowledge to help thrive in the threat of concussion.  

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